“I have been seeing Maki for Biomagnetic Balancing for several years.  The main ailments are hip pain and digestion issues.  Each session is powerful in providing relief of physical issues; in addition, I receive spiritual clearing.  I am grateful for the unique modality and results.”  D.C, Honolulu

 “Biomagnetic Therapy helped heal my shoulder pain and also cleared my mind after each session. Maki is a skilled and caring Magnetic Therapist.”  M.C, Honolulu

“I have tried Maki’s long distance session.  At that time I had many health issues including pain in my knees. After the session, I became 100% better!   During the session, it was as if she was right there with me.  Maki pointed out all the problems I had without me mentioning about it. About after a year from the initial therapy, I fell on my knee, and severe pain came back.  I was told  from the doctor, that I needed surgery.  I had chance to travel to Hawaii, so I decided to go see her in person.  She worked with me about 11/2 hour, I can’t really recall when did actual pain disappeared, but today ( after about a month from the second session ), Knee specialist told me that I no longer need surgery!  and I have no more pain.  When I think back, I had problem even getting into the shuttle bus when arriving at Honolulu airport, there was so much pain, but when I was flying back, I no longer had pain, even my luggage was way heavier then the time I arrived, with all the souvenir I had purchased in Hawaii.  Session itself felt really great, soothing, like massage therapy without touching.   At one point, I had chills when she told me about my childhood issues which was holding onto the pain.”  E.H, Oregon


T.A, Japan

“I am 81 years old male, who lives in Japan. I had bypass surgery 2008 Spring, Colon cancer surgery in Fall same year, as well as prostate cancer in May, along with rheumatism. Although, I was able to visit Hawaii in July this year. While I was here, my rheumatism had played up and had sharp pain and swell on my hand after getting off flight.  I have visited Maki twice.  Was I out of balance?  After about 3 days, inflammation and pain has gone down and I was well enough to hold golf club, played 18 hole!   Today, I am back in Japan and have no swell and no pain in my hand.”

T.A. Japan








“I had vertigo over the years.  Especially during the Winter time, when season changes.

I had treatment from Maki 3 times.

I realized my vertigo was getting less and less.

This Spring, I even forgotten that I even had a problem with vertigo past Winters.

If there is no big trigger, I have no more vertigo.

Magnet therapy helped me a lot.”

MK, Tokyo


“I had a few magnet sessions with Bonnie because I was having hearing issues and lower back pain.  After the sessions my back was completely pain free, my hearing improved but the problem returned.  I scheduled another session and Bonnie discovered it was due to my sinuses.  She was able to right the wrong and my hearing was back to normal!!  Actually so much so, that I was able to hear my child too well!!  Maki has an amazing energy, the sessions are extremely relaxing and I leave feeling rejuvenated and at peace.”  S.P, Honolulu

In everyone’s life there are life changing moments and meeting  Maki

was one of those pivotal moment.


I have a scientific background with a healthy skepticism. Even so, I was still able to let go of my old stultifying ways of thinking as flowing energy freely filled into me -which felt as if it was replacing the negative energy.

With Maki’s therapy, I have gone into a “zone of serene contentment” where there is no pain or torment.   I like to think of it as what Heaven must be like and being in the Presence of the God.

Maki constantly reminds me that she is no “guru” and she consider herself as a tool,which Universal Energy uses to connect to the people in need.

I thank Maki for changing my perspective of life for the better. My family, loved ones, and myself are in her debt.

T. C, Honolulu

These are from the actual texts I have received after the therapies.

I really think this magnet thing is  the real deal …  P. T

I feel so much better!!  Like really really better!!   S. L

I am able to go to work with all the energy and having a good sleep too, Thank you so much~  Y.K.

I feel so much better then before, I think something you did really helped.  T. Y.

Something shifted in my life, I am so grateful!  M. W.

I feel like I am a better person.  L. Q.

My over all well being is sooooo much better, I feel happy again!  C. Y

Magnet Power!  Thank you so much for the therapy~ S. H

My body was screaming for a help before your therapy.  I felt as I could not breath, so much pain. Y.O.

I never felt anything like that before.  What was that?!  G. S.